I will need a new TV. The current 32″ TV is more than 15 years old, and showing its age. The TV will have a hard time connecting to the Wifi Network. There were times it wouldn’t receive a TV signal even though the antenna never moved. There is also a USB port that doesn’t work, and even a few times the TV wouldn’t turn on at all.

The new TV will have a 40″ screen, although I will need a VESA TV stand. It will also have a USB port for TV recording, and RJ45 Port as well as support for Wifi. The TV will also be Roku enabled, and have a channel guide. Although, I have never been a fan of the remote, it will serve its purpose. The fact it is only 1080p does not bother me as the best resolution I seen from a TV station is 1080i. You can find the TV on Amazon for $200.