I Want to Send You Money

If I haven’t met you personally, I will NOT support checks. In addition, I do not support money orders. Also, sending cash via the postal mail service is not guaranteed unless you pay extra for the special attention to the mail. You have two options with sending me money. The first (and preferred) method is Zelle. The second method is PayPal. If you are uncomfortable with using either of these resources, you can always use gift cards which I will support gift cards from Amazon, and Apple.


If you wish to send money via Zelle, you can do so by sending the money to frank@pilone.name. The money will withdraw from your account, and deposit into mine’s within minutes. If you do not have Zelle, but have a debit card and you live within the US – you can download the Zelle App, and use your debit card to send and receive money.


You can visit my PayPal page to send me money. You would need a PayPal account, and the money will draw from your primary payment source. PayPal is good for people that don’t want to use Zelle, or live outside of the United States. To send me money via PayPal, visit https://paypal.me/frankpilone.