My current Apple Watch’s warranty expires on November 5 2022. While it is still working, there could come a time that the watch will eventually no longer work. With that in mind, I will like to trade-in my current watch, and get a new Apple Watch SE. There are some options that could be made, so I will go through them in this page.

  • Midnight Aluminum Case with Midnight Sport Band
  • 44mm case
  • GPS (no cellular)
  • XL Band Size
  • Apple Care+ Warranty

The Midnight case, and midnight sport band is the closest I can get to black. The 44mm case is what I currently wear, and it works fine for me. I don’t need to make or receive calls from my watch. When I go out, both my phone and watch goes out. The XL band size will fit nicely, and I will assume that the $50 Apple Care+ Warranty will be shaved off for the trade-in of my current watch. With that assumption, everything will cost $280.