Significant Other

I have been single and available for way too long. While I won’t go into my thoughts about why (since it doesn’t change anything), I will go into what I would look for in that special woman.

I would want someone that is caring, compassionate, loving, and understanding. She should know how to care for herself as well as others. Honesty is a must, as well as being trustworthy. Someone who plays the helpless victim is not at all an attractive feature. Rather than expecting others to just do for her, she should be willing to learn if there is something she doesn’t understand.

I am not interested in someone that drinks alcohol, does drugs, or smokes. The drugs (since I have to take pain killers) and smoking (since I live in a building that doesn’t allow smoking) are deal breakers. I also wouldn’t want someone that is committing crimes for whatever the reason.

Age, race, nationality, and religion isn’t an issue to me as long as she can accept mines as well. Obviously, there is a need for physical attraction, but I try to not let someone’s looks being a defining factor. For those that are interested, I tend to prefer darker hair, and darker eyes over the blond blue eyes. Last, I will not be interested in any long distance relationships. Therefore, the perspective person must be within Allegheny County within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

If this page sounds of an interest to you, and you wish to contact me – my email address is