Tablo Quad Recorder

The Table Quad Tuner will be over-kill for me, but I feel this will be a better value than a dual recorder. The quad recorder will allow me to record up to 4 shows at a time, therefore reducing or eliminating the need for Hulu. For this to work, I will need the recorder, an over the air antenna, and a hard drive to store my content on. I already have the smart TV which I can install the Tablo app on it, and manage my Tablo from the app. There will also be a subscription for the life of the Tablo which I will want.

The Tablo Quad Recorder is $200. An OTA antenna will be $50. A 1TB SSD will be $120, and the lifetime subscription will $180. All together, the Tablo Quad will be $550. The Tablo App for Roku is free.