A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a device that provides storage capacity for the home or business network. In my respects, a new NAS will be used to backup my PC(s). Since I am only one person, I don’t need a large NAS, and a 6 bay system will more than serve my needs.

For the system, I will want a Synology DS1621 which is a 6 bay system that came out in 2021. This replaces the 4 bay option that I used to have considering it is no longer sold by Amazon.

However, the NAS enclosure does no good without hard drives. For me, I will want to get six Western Digital 18TB Red Pro Hard drives. While I am not a fan of mechanical hard drives, SSDs are simply too expensive for me to use as a NAS drive. With redundancy, the drives will provide more than 80TB of storage that will backup for any and all of my computer(s).

This will not come cheap though. The NAS is $800 while each hard drive is $730. This will come to a total of $5180 which sounds expensive (and it is), but my music collection and the time to rebuild my library will be worth more than the NAS.