AirPods Max

There are times I want to listen to my music privately (such as when I’m out), but don’t want to listen with in ear earphones. This is where AirPods Max will come in. These are ridiculously expensive over ear earphones. However, when I bought expensive over the ear earphones, they never worked properly. I am assuming with Apple making Apple Products, everything should work together.

If one was to buy AirPods Max, the specs will be as follows:

  • Color: Space Gray
  • Engraving:
  • Price: $550
  • AppleCare+: $60

All together, everything will cost $610. This will include additional insurance and the earphones. With the color being space gray, it will match the phone, and my wardrobe. With the engraving being my contact directory, someone can contact me if they would wish to return them from getting lost.